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Oklahoma Investment Casting Company Upgrades Foundry with a Pusher Furnace

When Oklahoma Investment Casting Co. located in Blackwell OK decided to enliven their foundry by upgrading and replacing a couple older pusher furnaces with 1 new “State of the Art” furnace, they turned to the industry proven work horse, A “New Generation” Wax Burnout Pusher Furnace by Pacific Kiln. Oklahoma Investment Casting Co. has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality investment castings. They pour a vast array of different alloys and run very prominent production rates through their foundry.

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TPM Implements FlashFire Dewax System

Jerry Conner,President/Owner of Texas Precision Metalcraft (TPM) of Sugarland,Texas began an improvement plan to reduce scrap,improve throughput and productivity and upgrade their foundry equipment. One of TPM's improvements was the purchase of a FlashFire Dewax System from Pacific Kiln & Insulations Co.Inc. Since the implementation of the system they have found many positive benefits,which are:

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FlashFire Dewax System is Proven Industry Leader

At this years 56th Annual Technical Conference & Expo in Indianapolis,Indiana sponsored by Investment Casting Institute (ICI);Doug Marion of MCM Precision Castings presented a paper on Comparisons of Dewax Processes. The following are some highlights of his findings that show the FlashFire de-wax process has been proven to be more energy efficient,safer,easier,“greener” and more economical; versus the autoclave de-wax process.


Energy Efficient - The autoclave de-wax process is longer and less productive because it requires a boiler, with or without an accumulator, to feed steam to the pressure vessel, as well as a burnout furnace to burn off the residual wax left in the shell.The FlashFire Dewax system requires a single furnace,which performs both the de-wax and burnout in a single cycle.The energy consumption per cycle for the two operations in an autoclave cycle uses 57,900 more BTU's per cycle compared to the FlashFire Dewax cycle. This represents a 24.8% increase over the single FlashFire cycle.

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New Pusher Furnace at PCC Douglass is a Clean Act

When PCC Airfoils in Douglas, GA, set out to purchase a new pusher furnace, environmental emissions were a prime motivating factor. A corporate philosophy to be environmentally proactive and to implement state of the art technology was evident in the furnace specification, which dictated stringent air emissions. The challenge was further increased by the wax and plastic load, which exceeded 20 lbs. per cycle.

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30 Years of Innovation!

In 1977, while working for a ceramic supply manufacturer as national sales manager for high fire products, Glenn Foster began developing the concept and plan to begin Pacific Kiln & Insulations Co. As an accomplished ceramist and potter he had been instrumental in developing a new concept of pottery kilns using ceramic fiber insulation just introduced to him by Johns Manville Co. which had just been granted commercial license to market the material after success in the space shuttle program.


With this background and support, Mr. Foster decided late in 1977 to begin Pacific Kiln and in February 1978, Pacific Kiln & Insulations Co. was born. Based on the innovative technology of this new wonder insulation, Pacific Kiln soon became known as a leader in fuel efficient pottery kiln systems. However, as their fiber insulation supplier looked for new markets for their product, Pacific Kiln was asked to help their customers with applying this efficient new product to their kiln and furnace requirements. From metal melting, to forging, to heat treating, to burnout and preheat in the investment casting industry, everyone wanted to know how this new technology could make them more cost effective.

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PCC Portland, Deer Creek Expansion

PCC Deer Creek’s expansion is moving at a fast pace. When Bob Randall approached Pacific Kiln with the specifications and requirements for maximizing floor space at their new casting facility, Pacific Kiln had the answer; the capacity of six furnaces in two triple door front loading units. PCC realized a space savings of over 35% with these two state of
the art furnaces.


The furnaces have three independently air operated door systems.The temperature zones are controlled independently with one master programming controller and two slave controllers, all providing feed back on each individual zone giving the furnace excellent temperature uniformity and control.


If you need to maximize your space or processes, maybe it’s time to call a design expert at Pacific Kiln. You’ll be glad you did.

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Biomet Becomes Lean Manufacturer with Pacific Kiln Pusher Furnace

When Biomet, Inc. in Fair Lawn, New Jersey decided it was time to stream line their manufacturing process they turned to the industry proven work horse, a “New Generation” Wax Burnout Pusher Furnace by Pacific Kiln. Biomet, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of products for hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, elbow replacement, and other small joint replacement. According to Robert Zebick, Biomet is moving away from there current batch processing which uses there two box style burnout furnaces and converting everything to a continuous through-put operation utilizing the pusher furnace as part of there new lean manufacturing process.

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CWF HAMILTON Does It All With New FlashFire Dewax System

When CWF Hamilton in Christchurch, New Zealand set out to convert their large waterjet component weldments to investment cast parts they turned to the industry proven FlashFire Dewax System. CWF Hamilton set up a brand new state of the art investment casting foundry. They wanted to have the latest technologies available and that’s what they got! While improving product quality and increasing production quantities they found that the “New Generation” FlashFire Dewax System also improved their overall process by dewaxing and burning out the shells at the same time. The system is designed as a dual purpose furnace - FlashFire Dewaxing and pre-heating of the shells for pouring. This eliminated the need to purchase additional furnaces for production and will save both time and money.

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SA Baxter Increases Product Delivery Time With “Standard” FlashFire Dewax System

When Robert Baxter needed to improve delivery times on their full line of high end custom architectural hardware, they turned to the time proven FlashFire Dewax System from Pacific Kiln.

Their current flashfire dewax method was dangerous and inefficient. Robert finally decided the “Fire Breathing Dragon,” as the employees of SA Baxter had nicknamed it,
had to be replaced. That’s when he began investigating the advantages of Pacific Kiln FlashFire Dewax. It didn’t take long to recognize this was the way to go and Robert ordered a state-of-the-art “Standard” Flash-Fire Dewax System from Pacific Kiln.

Robert is very exited about their new furnace saying,“With the new Pacific Kiln FlashFire Dewax System we are able to completely dewax and burnout all of our shells in a
20-minute cycle.We move our shells directly to the pouring deck for immediate casting.”

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Pacific Kiln introduces new line of low cost slurry mixers

Pacific Kiln recently completed R&D plans for a new line of slurry mixing equipment that will prove easy on the budget while maintaining high quality results. These barrel and prop mixers round out a complete line of slurry mixing equipment that will meet any specification and budget. From our "Deluxe" stainless steel turntable models, to our popular "Economy" poly tank turntable mixers, we now offer an enticing selection of stationary prop type mixers.

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