Volume 7, Number 1


Pacific Kiln recently completed R&D plans for a new line of slurry mixing equipment that will prove easy on the budget while maintaining high quality results. These barrel and prop mixers round out a complete line of slurry mixing equipment that will meet any specification and budget. From our "Deluxe" stainless steel turntable models, to our popular "Economy" poly tank turntable mixers, we now offer an enticing selection of stationary prop type mixers.



These mixers have a polyethylene tank that sits in a heavy steel tube fabricated stand with a mixer mounting tower. The polyethylene tank is nearly indestructible and simple to remove for easy cleaning. The stand tower comes standard with a universal mounting plate that will accept any clamp-on prop mixer assembly. It is adjustable vertically for precise location to the tank bottom. The tanks are available in sizes ranging from 22" , 28" and 30" diameters, and 45, 85 and 110 gallons of slurry. They are ideal for not only holding slurry for dipping but also as the primary mixing tank.


But that's just half of the story. We have matched two mixer assemblies to the above tanks that are without question the best value on the market. These variable speed mixer assemblies are designed to mount to the above mixer tower and provide complete adjustment of propeller speed, shaft angle and propeller depth.


The AC motor is controlled by a digitally adjusted variable frequency controller that easily attaches to the mixer stand tower. Holes and screws are provided. The motor mounting plate replaces the standard plate and is 6-way adjustable, vertically as well as shaft adjustments in all directions. This allows exact placement of the propeller for maximum mixing efficiency. The shaft and propeller are non-contaminating stainless steel. The system plugs into a standard 120VAC outlet, so you can be in operation in minutes.

These mixer systems are designed, tested and produced under the same exacting standards as all Pacific Kiln equipment and furnaces, so you are guaranteed long lasting, trouble free performance. Contact our exclusive North American representative, Ransom & Randolph for more information or a price quotation.


Recent Orders

North America:

  • Wyman-Gordon, San Leandro,CA -- Afterburner Retrofit
  • Dameron Alloy, Mexico -- "Standard" Burnout Furnace
  • Howmet, Whitehall -- Barrel Rain Sander
  • Howmet, Whitehall -- Afterburner upgrade
  • Art Guild of Louisiana -- "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System Barrel Rain Sander, "Economy" Slurry Mixer Turbine
  • Components of Mexico -- "Standard" Burnout Furnace
  • Siemans Westinghouse -- "Standard" Burnout Furnace



Recent Installations

North America:

  • Barron Cast -- "New Generation" FlashFire Dewax System Buddy Furnace -- "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System
  • Perm Engine Company, Perm, Russia -- "New Generation" Pusher Preheat Furnace
  • Lamothermic -- "New Generation" Burnout Furnace