Volume 6, Number 2


Buddy Furnace of Balch Springs, Texas knew they had to do something. Their autoclave was about to give out on them from just shear old age and their burnout furnaces were inefficient and, worse yet, polluting the air because they didn't have afterburners to clean the exhaust. But, this was a big investment and something that required some thought and investigation.


That's when, back in May, Lois Greil, president of the company, was presented with the idea of solving all these problems with Pacific Kiln's FlashFire Dewax System. Conrad Holek of Ransom & Randolph, our newly appointed sales representative, began working with Lois to show her how FlashFire Dewax could not only dewax the shells and eliminate cracking problems that had been inherent with autoclave dewax, but also burnout the shell, cleanly and without emissions. This also solved the burnout furnace problem because they would now only be used for preheat of the already clean shells. Conrad presented a quotation for a "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System. Lois loved the idea in theory but wanted to see one in action.


In late July, Lois made a visit to Pacific Kiln's factory for a demonstration. Glenn Foster, president of Pacific Kiln, gave Lois the whole show; video, live demonstration in our in-house FlashFire Dewax System and then discussed in detail how this would work for them. It was important to understand that the FlashFire Dewax System replaced the autoclave and major afterburner upgrades to the burnout furnaces, probably cutting the capital outlay in half. He even had time to have a little horse talk with Lois' grand daughter.


Well, that did it, and as Lois put it, " I just have to have one of these, how can I not?". A week later Lois ordered a "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System and we expect to make delivery and have Buddy Furnace in operation in early November. This is a clear cut example of what the FlashFire Dewax System can do for the smaller investment casting foundry. If replacing dewax equipment is in your future or you would just like to be as efficient as you can be in dewax and burnout, let us show you how the FlashFire Dewax System can be your best investment. Give us a call or ask your Ransom & Randolph salesman for a free video presentation.


Recent Orders

North America:

  • PCC Airfoils, Douglas, GA -- Thermo-Flo Pusher Tiles
  • Howmet Aluminum Castings, Bethlehem -- (3) Afterburner Retrofits
  • BarronCast, Inc. -- "New Generation" FlashFire Dewax System
  • Buddy Furnace Co. -- "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System
  • Signicast Corp. -- Thermo-Flo Pusher Tiles
  • Lamothermic -- "New Generation" Burnout Furnace

Recent Installations

North America:

  • Ransom & Randolph, R&D -- "Economy" Slurry Mixer, "Deluxe" Slurry MixerBarrel Rain Sander
  • Stryker Howmedica Osteonics Corp. -- "Economy" Slurry Mixer
  • Tekdata -- "New Generation" FlashFire Dewax System
  • Chromalloy, Nevada -- Barrel Rain Sander


Signicast goes all the way with Thermo-Flo Pusher Tiles


Jim Capadonna of Signicast was not happy with either the performance, life, or price of his metal pusher grates and was in search of something better. But, this could not be taken lightly and he must be certain that whatever he found would work. After all, the stakes were high, but the potential benefit was even higher. So, when he saw the Thermo-Flo Pusher Tile he immediately began talking to Pacific Kiln about them.


Pacific Kiln made up several test batches for him and he slowly began introducing them into his pusher lines. The results were encouraging and soon he was pushing a full test batch. He found them to be stable, long lasting, and best of all, a fraction of the price of the metal grates.


Signicast has now committed to replace all of their metal pusher grates with Thermo-Flo Pusher Tile. Pacific Kiln is in full production on these custom designed tile (we can make any size or shape) and expects to have Signicast completely switched over in several months.


Many of our pusher furnace customers have switched over to Thermo-Flo Pusher Tile. If you're tired of the cost and short life of metal grates, give us a call. We can provide you with many references of happy customers, as well as provide you with a sample for your evaluation.