Volume 5, Number 3


Wyman-Gordon Gets Big Rewards for Working With Pacific Kiln and the Gas Company to Purchase New Furnace System


The old burnout furnace just didn't do the job anymore. Poor burnout, no flexibility, poor efficiency and reduced capacity. There was a younger, more efficient guy, ready to show how much he could do, looking at his position. Time to retire. Probably not even a severance package.


Wyman-Gordon in San Leandro, CA, knew the writing was on the wall. Derek Shelton, Plant Engineer, called Pacific Kiln and began the process of replacing the "Old Boy". What they ended up with was more than they expected for a lot less than they planned. It wasn't enough that they purchased a state-of-the-art "New Generation" Pusher Burnout Furnace that was more efficient, gave them more flexibility with higher temperature (2250˚F continuous) capability, and substantially cleaner, faster burnout, but the Gas Company stepped into the middle of the game and offered to pay for a chunk of the purchase, if, they also included in the purchase a "Thermal Recuperator" to preheat combustion air. How could they refuse? "The Gas Company wants to pay us to save money".


Once again Derek is on the phone to Pacific Kiln. We're already in production on the Pusher Furnace, but able to re-engineer to add a thermal recuperator to the system. The thermal recuperator includes a heat exchanger on the top of the afterburner/exhaust stack, upgraded combustion blower, upgraded burners and necessary insulated duct work from exchanger to burner air inlet. The afterburner maintains minimum 1500˚F stack temperatures which preheats the combustion air through the exchanger to approximately 768˚F which is the equivalent of about 278,000 BTU/HR input to the furnace. This is the equivalent of about 25% fuel savings while the furnace is holding at 2000˚F.


That's good news, but listen to this. The Gas Company included the thermal recuperator with the furnace purchase and will pay back on the entire purchase. Approximately 30%, which more the pays the full amount of the thermal recuperator. The actual amount will be determined by testing in the next few months, but may actually exceed expectations since the Pusher Furnace alone is a major efficiency improvement over the "Old Boy". And, Wyman-Gordon is saving money everyday in fuel savings, better burnout, less scrap, less maintenance and more capability.


We will follow up this story in subsequent issues of "Degrees" as we will be involved in the efficiency studies with Wyman-Gordon and the Gas Company. If you would like to know more about how this could work for you, give us a call or E-mail to info@pacifickiln.com. It's an opportunity you can't afford not to look into.



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As the foundry grows and investment casting technology advances it is likely that your furnace equipment no longer meets the challenge. In many cases it may not be necessary to replace the furnace. It may be able to be upgraded.


Higher temperature insulation, burner upgrades, temperature control upgrades, data acquisition, and afterburner upgrades and retrofits are all possible on your existing furnace equipment. Call Pacific Kiln to find out what the possibilities are. We have years of experience in analyzing and evaluating furnace systems to quickly come to the best solution.


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Dear Pyro

We have a pusher furnace and use cast metal grates as pusher trays. They are very expensive and, deteriorate and warp, fairly rapidly. Is there anything that will work better for this purpose.

Burned Out

Dear Burned Out

Your in luck. Our Thermo-Flo Pusher Tile is a fraction of the cost of metal grates, does not warp or deteriorate and lasts considerably longer. The ribbed tile is constructed of very dense, highly abrasion resistant refractory ceramic. We can make them in any size up to 36" X 36" and they can be cut easily with a refractory saw if smaller or different sizes are necessary. They may be the answer to your dreams. We will have a sample at the ICI Show in Chicago for you to touch and feel. We d love to talk to you about it. Or call us for a quote or E-mail to info@pacifickiln.com.

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