Volume 5, Number 2


Chuck Meyer and Keith Mock, owners of Rimer Enterprised in Waterville, Ohio had been considering the benefits of FlashFire Dewax for a number of years. Their autoclave system was inefficient, caused extensive shell cracking, and was in need of expensive repairs. Their burnout furnace was also a problem as it was inefficient and smoke was a problem both in the foundry and from the stack. Spending big money on these two pieces of equipment was tough to justify, but how could they afford to replace them?


When Pacific Kiln announced the new "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System, Chuck and Keith saw an affordable opportunity to upgrade their whole system. With the economical price of the "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System, they were also able to include a new preheat furnace. Four days after the new system arrived it was installed and operating. Pacific Kiln always works closely with their customer prior to delivery to assure a fast, simple installation. In addition Pacific Kiln personnel are on hand as installation concludes to start-up, tune the system and instruct the customer on operation.


The first day of production, Rimer was processing in excess of 20 shells per hour with no cracking and no smoke. Keith and Chuck are pleased with the process improvements and the increase in productivity and efficiency. They were also happy to eliminate the smoke emissions and improve the working conditions in the foundry. The new "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System gives Rimer the same benefits that all our FlashFire Dewax customers have experienced over the years:

  • Reduced patching and rework labor by eliminating shell cracking
  • Lower total fuel costs with dewax and burnout in the same cycle
  • Eliminating the extra labor associated with separate dewax and burnout cycles
  • Decreased wax reclamation costs since the recovered wax has no moisture in it
  • Maintenance is minimal with new Pacific Kiln equipment
  • The option of Rapid Prototype processing that did not work in the autoclave

And, state-of-the-art is an image Rimer enjoys and it's just what their customers like to see. Rimer is a winner with their new Pacific Kiln system. If you think your foundry could benefit from this kind of improvement, call Pacific Kiln and let our experienced engineering staff evaluate your needs. It doesn't cost anything to find out.


Recent Orders

North America:

  • Consolidated Foundries -- Barrel Rain Sander
  • Waltek -- Barrel Rain Sander
  • Chromalloy Casting Tampa -- "New Generation" Burnout Furnace
  • Bell Group -- "Standard" Burnout Furnace


Recent Installations

North America:

  • Zimmer -- KnockOut Machine
  • Wyman-Gordon, San Leandro, CA -- Pusher Furnace w/ Heat Recuperation
  • MIC Group -- "Deluxe" Slurry Mixer
  • ODIYAN -- "Deluxe" Slurry Mixer
  • Rimer Enterprises -- "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System "Standard" Burnout Furnace
  • Dameron Alloy Foundry -- (2) "New Generation" Burnout Furnaces
  • Chromalloy Casting Tampa -- Afterburner Retrofit
  • Zimmer -- Barrel Rain Sander


Foundry Facts


Dear Pyro

I have heard of Thermo-Flo floor tiles and they look interesting. What can they do for our investment casting process ?

Searching for Efficiency

Dear Searching

Thermo-Flo Floor Tile can be one of the best and most reasonable investments you can make for your foundry. Their ribbed design yields many benefits to the burnout or preheat process, among them:

  • Better heat distribution around and under your shells.
  • Faster and cleaner burnout of the hydrocarbon deposits inside the shell.
  • Energy savings from more efficient heat cycles

And they are easy to install, easy to replace, and the price is right. See our web site at www.pacifickiln.com for complete description and specification on Thermo-Flo Floor Tile and all our other products. Oh yeh, they also come in pusher tiles.

The Pyro Maniac