Volume 5, Number 1


Wyman-Gordon in Tilton, NH has been in a mode of improvement for many years, but one of their biggest projects came to fruition just the end of last year. While they have added many Pacific Kiln burnout furnaces for various specific projects, their pusher burnout furnace was in dire need of replacement. The time finally came when it rose to the top of the priority list and a new furnace was put in its place.


Steve Proulx, Facilities Manager and Rich Russell, Process Engineer began to work with Pacific Kiln to design the perfect replacement pusher furnace. They decided the new furnace should increase capacity, have higher temperature capability, be more efficient and reliable, and reduce maintenance costs. That is why they chose Pacific Kiln. They had excellent experience with earlier Pacific Kiln furnaces and Pacific Kiln offered a high level of reliability, automation, afterburner performance and compliance, and energy efficiency.


It turned out to be 36 feet long with a load area 4 ft. wide X 4 ft. high. The furnace held six trays, each 6 ft. long X 4 ft. wide. The trays are automatically pushed in, extracted from the exit end and placed on a return line. The push and extraction sequences are controlled automatically by a PLC. There are two temperature control zones, each with eight PKI medium velocity burners. The furnace is rated for 2200°F, continuous 2150°F. There is an afterburner on the exhaust of Zone 1 which complies with local, state and federal air quality regulations. There is automatic furnace pressure control on both zones.


The furnace has been in operation for several months and you only have to ask the people around it to know how they like it. John Waring, Maintenance Supervisor is a happy man. " This furnace has more burners than all of our other furnaces combined, but they all light-off "POP" every time". Steve and Rich don't have much to say, " it just works the way its supposed to", which is just the way they like it.


If you've thought about automation for your burnout and preheat process, let Pacific Kiln share their years of experience in designing just the right system for you. Give us a call. You'll be glad you did.



Recent Orders

North America:

  • Zimmer -- KnockOut Machine
  • Wyman-Gordon, San Leandro, CA -- Pusher Furnace
  • MIC Group -- "Deluxe" Slurry Mixer
  • ODIYAN -- "Deluxe" Slurry Mixer
  • Rimer Ent. -- "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System, "Standard" Burnout Furnace
  • Dameron Alloy Foundry -- "Standard" Burnout Furnace
  • Avalon Precision -- (2) "New Generation" Burnout Furnace
  • Chromalloy Casting Tampa -- Afterburner Retrofit
  • Zimmer -- Barrel Rain Sander


Recent Installations

North America:

  • Metal Casting Technologies -- FlashFire Dewax System
  • Precision Castparts Corp./Portland, OR -- "New Generation" Burnout Furnace
  • Texcast -- (3) Barrel Rain Sanders Integracast -- (3) "Economy" Slurry Mixers, Barrel Rain Sander
  • Siemans/Westinghouse -- "Standard" Burnout Furnace
  • AMT, Inc. -- "New Generation" Burnout Furnace, KnockOut Machine
  • Pure Casting -- Pusher Furnace
  • Pratt & Whitney -- Pusher Furnace
  • Baker Oil Tool -- "Standard" Burnout Furnace, Barrel Rain Sander, KnockOut Machine


Foundry Facts


Dear Pyro

We're a small foundry and using fluidized beds in our shell room to apply stucco. We have an awful time controlling the air so we don't damage the mold with violent explosions. Sometimes we have to apply the stucco material by hand just to be sure there is no damage. Is there anything available to solve this problem?


Dear Out of Energy

Fluidized beds have long been a pain in the shell room. Fortunately there is a solution and an economical one at that. When you apply stucco to the mold by hand, we could call that rainfall sanding. We automated that process and called it (guess what) the Barrel Rainfall Sander.


This is a neat little piece of equipment (or large if you like) that has a rotating barrel that conveys the sand to the top and lets it rain down. You place your mold in the opening and rotate it for complete coverage. It's gentle and operator friendly. It also automatically catches any slurry droppings and it's simple to change stucco materials. And it uses very little energy. That blower for the fluidized bed ain't cheap to run. If you would like to know more about the Barrel Rainfall Sander, go to our web site www.pacifickiln.com or give us a call.

The Pyro Maniac