Volume 4, Number 1




"We have six more ovens to replace. We hope to
accomplish this in the Summer with an additional
New Generation Furnace from Pacific Kiln".
- Amos Noach, President, Lamothermic Corp


Amos Noach is a very careful man. As owner and President of Lamothermic Corp., a small high precision investment casting foundry, in Brewster, New York, he takes great pride in thoroughly investigating how his business operates. So, when he looks at his equipment needs, he considers all the reasons that he should make that investment. Early last year he began looking at replacing his burnout furnaces.


"We were looking for an oven that would burn cleaner, more efficiently and provide us with more throughput capability", says Amos. "Our choice was quickly narrowed down to Pacific KilnÕs line of New Generation ovens. They were able to meet our requirements and we were provided with many excellent references within the industry". Amos placed the order in May and installed the furnace in August. Lamothermic was pleased to find that the installation and start-up was fast and easy. It took four days, including gas, electric, air line and chimney exhaust.


"Since we installed the New Generation oven, we have obsoleted six of our old ovens and our natural gas costs dropped dramatically" Amos said. In fact, over the last six months, there has been a 25% decrease in therms of natural gas per $ of foundry output compared to the last six months. This is the kind of information that Amos compiles to study the effect of his investment.


Recent Orders

North America:

  • GSC Foundry <ETH> Deluxe Slurry Mixer
  • GSC Foundry <ETH> Economy Slurry Mixer
  • Chronite Precision/England <ETH> KnockOut Machine
  • Quality Golf <ETH> Standard Burnout Furnace
  • National Resource Council of Canada <ETH> Barrel Rain Sander & Deluxe Slurry Mixer
  • Wyman-Gordon/Tilton,NH Ð Pusher Burnout Furnace

Recent Installations

North America:

  • Lamothermic Corp. <ETH> "New Generation" Burnout Furnace
  • KomTek <ETH> (2) " New Generation" Burnout Furnaces
  • Howmet Aluminum/City of Industry, CA <ETH> (3) Standard Burnout Furnaces
  • Dameron Alloy Foundry Ð Double Door Standard Burnout Furnace


Foundry Facts


Dear Pyro

Like everyone else, we are experiencing sky rocketing energy costs. Aside from the obvious things that the electric and gas company suggest, what things do you recommend in the foundry to be more efficient.

Out of Energy

Dear Out of Energy

First of all we must all realize that this is going to be a long term problem and it is going to affect us all. We can make the effort or spend the money now, or spend it later. Later it will probably cost more.


For manufacturers like you and us, the solutions encompass a wide range areas. From operating policy, to efficient heating and cooling concepts, to upgrading or replacing inefficient equipment; it takes effort and money.


Let's take a simple matter of operating policy. This doesn't require much money, but it does take thought and time. Control of the foundry floor can find many simple ways to conserve energy. Coordination of burnout/preheat and melting for instance. Schedule melting and preheat so they are ready at the same time.Don't let the molds sit in a hot oven waiting for pouring or metal melted waiting for molds to get to temperature. Control who, when and where doors and vents are opened and closed. Controller retrofits can provide programming that will shut off the afterburner when a certain temperature is achieved. Or, how about recovering the burnout/preheat exhaust heat and using it somewhere else like space heat or preheating something.


The list is endless if you give it a little thought. Mostly it's about how hard do you want to work at it. Energy efficient systems is our business, so we tend to think about it more than most. Give us a call. We're happy to share what we know.

The Pyro Maniac