Volume 13, Number 1 




Jerry Conner,President/Owner of Texas Precision Metalcraft (TPM) of Sugarland,Texas began an improvement plan to reduce scrap,improve throughput and productivity and upgrade their foundry equipment. One of TPM's improvements was the purchase of a FlashFire Dewax System from Pacific Kiln & Insulations Co.Inc. Since the implementation of the system they have found many positive benefits,which are:

  • Their dewax cycle is 20-25 minutes(this includes time to load and unload). They get approximately 3 loads an hour.
  • Their burnout time was reduced from3 hours to one hour of pre-heat because the shells are dewaxed and burnout in one FlashFire cycle;this has decreased the number of ovens used on a daily basis.
  • They have become greener.Prior to having a FlashFire Dewax System,they had burnout ovens with no afterburner;now they no longer have smoke in the foundry or out their stacks due to the FlashFire's integrated Afterburner System.
  • The FlashFire Dewax System is so efficient that they can go from room temperature to 1800°F in well under 45minutes.
  • They are now recovering more wax and the wax is cleaner without any water.
  • Prior to the FlashFire Dewax System their burnout would hold up their process.Now they have increased their capacity and reduced their throughput times.
  • They have little or no shell cracking.



The foundry previously used an autoclave unit,when Jeff Crape, Plant Manager of TPM was asked,“about autoclave versus FlashFire”;Jeff said,“He would never go back to autoclave and that the FlashFire Dewax System has far exceeded his expectations”.The implementation has been so successful that TPM has put in an order for a Pacific Kiln Standard Pre-heat furnace in January2010,they anticipate that it will be up and running by April 2010.


Thank you to Texas Precision Metalcraft (TPM),Jerry Conner,Brad De Splinter and Jeff Crape as well as Lois Greil with Buddy Furnace for your continued support.If you would like to find out more about the FlashFire Dewax Systems and how they can benefit your foundry process,please contact us here at Pacific Kiln.



Kiln Korner

Industry Heat Recovery and Recuperation Heating or pre-heating of combus-tion air is not a new idea;it's been inuse for decades.With today's soaring operating costs, saving money in any of the investment casting processes will help the bottom line.The initial cost of the heat recovery system is fairly substantial, but the possible pay back is fairly quick, usually within 1-2 years.


A typical system uses a cross flow or cross tube heat exchanger mounted on the exhaust stack, the hot exhaust gases heat the combustion air in the cross tubes which is used for combustion air in the main burner system.


The cost savings can be 30-40% on average of the total annual gas bill for the particular piece of equipment.The savings in gas usage is realized due to the fact that the equipment does not have to heat all of the combustion air required for the process.If you would like more information about heat recovery and recuperation, give PKI a call and talk to our engineers.


Employee Spotlight
Pacific Kiln has many dedicated employees in the 32 years we have been in business. We would like to acknowledge Michael Whitley as such an individual. Michael began his employment with Pacific Kiln in January 2006. He brought with him a strong background and skills in welding and steel fabrication. In his spare time Michael is a huge NASCAR fan, he roots for #48 Jimmy Johnson and he's also an avid follower of baseball and football. PKI would like to thank Michael for his dedication and drive to the company and the fabrication department.








Recent Installations

  • Picatinny Army Arsenal, Picatinny, New Jersey – “Elevator” FlashFire Dewax System
  • Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California – “Elevator” FlashFire Dewax System
  • TPM, LTD-Texas Precision Metalcraft, Sugarland, Texas – “Standard” FlashFire Dewax System
  • Carley Foundry, Blaine, Minnesota – “New Generation” High Temperature Wax Burnout Furnace
  • Pacific Business Development, Beijing, China – “New Generation” FlashFire Dewax System
  • CIFM, Trois Rivieres, Quebec – “New Generation” FlashFire Dewax System

New Orders

  • Chromalloy Castings, Tampa, Florida - (2) “New Generation” Car Bottom Wax Burnout Furnaces
  • Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California – Economy Slurry Mixer, Fluidized Bed Sanders, 80 Gallon Teardrop Slurry Tank and Mixer
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana – 40 Gallon Teardrop Slurry Tank and Mixer
  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia – 40 Gallon Teardrop Slurry Tank and Mixer
  • TPM, LTD-Texas Precision Metalcraft, Sugarland, Texas - “Standard” Preheat Furnace


ThermoFlo Pusher Tiles

New Orders
  • Dafco – Kentucky
  • Howmet Castings – Michigan
  • Signicast Corporation – Wisconsin
  • BIOMET Inc. – New Jersey
  • Hitchiner Mfg. Co. – New Hampshire
  • OJSC Perm Engine Co. – Russia