Volume 11, Number 1



Robert Zebick stands proudly in front of
his “New Generation” Wax Burnout
Pusher Furnace


When Biomet, Inc. in Fair Lawn, New Jersey decided it was time to stream line their manufacturing process they turned to the industry proven work horse, a “New Generation” Wax Burnout Pusher Furnace by Pacific Kiln. Biomet, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of products for hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, elbow replacement, and other small joint replacement. According to Robert Zebick, Biomet is moving away from there current batch processing which uses there two box style burnout furnaces and converting everything to a continuous through-put operation utilizing the pusher furnace as part of there new lean manufacturing.


The new Wax Burnout Pusher Furnace will allow the shells to be loaded in one end, burned out and pre-heated for direct pouring out of the opposite end. With the new furnace shells will be able to be poured every 10-15 minutes for nonstop around the clock production. If your production process could use a boost, maybe its time to look at a new pusher style furnace or one of the many other furnace styles Pacific Kiln offers. Congratulations on making the right choice and a smart investment.


As Pacific Kiln begins its 30th year in the investment casting industry there is one subject that continues to be on everyone’s mind. Energy Costs! For the Investment Casting Foundry it isparticularly critical because so much of their operation uses large amounts of energy whether it is gas or electricity.


Thinking through the investment casting process proves the point. From melting wax for injection, to making and applying shell slurries, to operating a boiler and autoclave for dewax, or FlashFire Dewax to burnout and preheat of molds, and finally melting the metal for casting, each step is a big energy consumer. Even post casting operations can be a significant user depending on the methods used. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to reduce energy consumption. At the same time there is added value in new technology that can make you more time and quality efficient. Replacing old, inefficient equipment now will pay back in numerous ways for years to come.The Bottom Line: better parts, more business, more profit.The forward thinker sees this not about spending money, it’s about making money.


Pacific Kiln is ready to show you how our products can make you money. Fuel efficient furnace concepts have been our forte since 1978. Thirty years later we have more ways than ever to make you as efficient in FlashFire Dewax, burnout and preheat than you’ve ever been before.


Recent Installations

  • UBA, Islamabad, Pakistan – “Elevator” FlashFire Dewax System
  • PCC Structurals, Milwaukie,Oregon – “New Generation” Double Door Wax Burnout Furnace
  • Deloro Stellite, Belleville, Ontario, Canada – “Standard” Flash-Fire Dewax System
  • Securitech Group, Inc., Maspeth, New York – Barrel Rain Sander, (2) Fluidizing Bed Sanders
  • Symmetry Medical, Sheffield, UK – (2) Afterburner Upgrades
  • Artworks, Berkeley, California – “New Generation” FlashFire Dewax System
  • Biomet, Fair Lawn, New Jersey – “New Generation” Wax Burnout Pusher Furnace 


New Orders

  • PCC Structurals, Milwaukie,Oregon – (2) “New Generation” Triple Door Pre-Heat Furnaces
  • Castings Technology International, France – (3) Barrel Rain Sanders and (2) “Deluxe” Slurry Mixers
  • Integra Cast,New Britain, Connecticut – “Economy” Slurry Mixer
  • Perm Motor Company, Perm Russia – “New Generation” Double Door Shuttle Car Wax Burnout Furnace
  • Lighting Resources, LLC, Phoenix,Arizona – Custom Afterburner System and Burnout Furnace Refurbish
  • Akrapovic, d.d., Slovenia – “New Generation” Double Door FlashFire Dewax System
ThermoFlo Pusher Tiles

New Orders

  • Hitchiner Mfg.Co. – New Hampshire
  • Hitchiner Mfg.Co. – Mexico
  • PCC Airfoils, Douglas, Georgia
  • Signicast, Hartford,Wisconsin
  • Esco – New York
  • Esco – Mexico
  • PCC Structurals, Connecticut


Foundry Facts


Dear Pyro Maniac,

We have a pusher furnace and use cast metal grates as pusher trays.They are very expensive and deteriorate and warp, fairly rapidly. Is there anything that will work better
for this purpose?
- Burned Out
Dear Burned Out,
You’re in luck. Our Thermo-Flo Pusher Tile is a fraction of the cost of metal grates, does not warp or deteriorate and lasts considerably longer.The ribbed tile is constructed of very dense, highly abrasion resistant refractory ceramic.We can make them in any size up to 36" X 36" and they can be cut easily with a refractory saw if smaller or different sizes are necessary.They may be the answer to your dreams. Call us for a quote or E-mail to info@pacifickiln.com.

The Pyro Maniac


Hot Tips

As doors open and close, ceiling fans start and stop, and storms come and go, ambient pressures within a foundry can fluctuate wildly and rapidly.This can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your furnace equipment including problems with heat distribution, heat recovery, atmosphere control and smoke containment, just to list a few.Testing for the cause is easy, correcting the problem may not be. Call us for assistance.