Volume 9, Number 2



When Robert Baxter needed to improve delivery times on their full line of high end custom architectural hardware, they turned to the time proven FlashFire Dewax System from Pacific Kiln.


Their current flashfire dewax method was dangerous and inefficient. Robert finally decided the “Fire Breathing Dragon,” as the employees of SA Baxter had nicknamed it,
had to be replaced. That’s when he began investigating the advantages of Pacific Kiln FlashFire Dewax. It didn’t take long to recognize this was the way to go and Robert ordered a state-of-the-art “Standard” Flash-Fire Dewax System from Pacific Kiln.


Robert is very exited about their new furnace saying,“With the new Pacific Kiln FlashFire Dewax System we are able to completely dewax and burnout all of our shells in a
20-minute cycle.We move our shells directly to the pouring deck for immediate casting.”


SA Baxter prides itself on their rapid in-house manufacturing process.With their new “Standard” FlashFire Dewax System, SA Baxter delivers its products faster than
anyone else in the business without sacrificing beauty or quality.


Along with substantial time savings, SA Baxter also enjoys the same benefits that all the rest of our FlashFire Dewax customers have experienced over the years:

  • Eliminating shell cracking
  • • Lower total fuel costs with dewax
  • and burnout (and even preheat) in the same cycle
  • Eliminate the extra labor associated with separate dewax and burnout cycles
  • Decreased wax costs due to moisture free wax recovery
  • Maintenance is minimal with new Pacific Kiln equipment
The option of Rapid Prototype processing SA Baxter is a leader in there industry. Could your company use this state of the art edge in your industry? Give Pacific Kiln a call and

let our experienced engineering and sales staff evaluate your needs.


Hot Tips
It is important to remind oneself occasionally of the essential elements of good burnout of the investment casting shell mold. It is not just a matter of putting the shell in the hot furnace and wait until the burning and smoke stop. It requires a finely tuned and capable furnace to get that perfectly clean shell.

The following are the essential elements of good burnout:

Temperature: There must be sufficient temperature to combust the hydrocarbon formed by the burning wax.

Temperature Uniformity: The entire load area must be heated evenly to within 25ºF of all points.

Heat Circulation:
It is important to have a high velocity of circulating combustion gases around the shell. Be sure the shell is sitting so that the circulating gases can get completely around, and under, it.

Excess Oxygen: There must be ample excess oxygen to thoroughly burn hydrocarbon deposits. 6% is minimum, 10% is best and considered the industry standard.

Burnout Time:
There must be ample time to perform the complete burnout of the wax hydrocarbon.The more wax and the bigger the mold, the longer it will take to complete this process.

If your burnout is not as good as you would like it, check to see if any of the above items are missing, or call Pacific Kiln for suggestions on how to correct your problem.