In 1977, while working for a ceramic supply manufacturer as national sales manager for high fire products, Glenn Foster began developing the concept and plan to begin Pacific Kiln & Insulations Co. As an accomplished ceramist and potter he had been instrumental in developing a new concept of pottery kilns using ceramic fiber insulation just introduced to him by Johns Manville Co. which had just been granted commercial license to market the material after success in the space shuttle program.


With this background and support, Mr. Foster decided late in 1977 to begin Pacific Kiln and in February 1978, Pacific Kiln & Insulations Co. was born. Based on the innovative technology of this new wonder insulation, Pacific Kiln soon became known as a leader in fuel efficient pottery kiln systems. However, as their fiber insulation supplier looked for new markets for their product, Pacific Kiln was asked to help their customers with applying this efficient new product to their kiln and furnace requirements. From metal melting, to forging, to heat treating, to burnout and preheat in the investment casting industry, everyone wanted to know how this new technology could make them more cost effective.