At this years 56th Annual Technical Conference & Expo in Indianapolis,Indiana sponsored by Investment Casting Institute (ICI);Doug Marion of MCM Precision Castings presented a paper on Comparisons of Dewax Processes. The following are some highlights of his findings that show the FlashFire de-wax process has been proven to be more energy efficient,safer,easier,“greener” and more economical; versus the autoclave de-wax process.


Energy Efficient - The autoclave de-wax process is longer and less productive because it requires a boiler, with or without an accumulator, to feed steam to the pressure vessel, as well as a burnout furnace to burn off the residual wax left in the shell.The FlashFire Dewax system requires a single furnace,which performs both the de-wax and burnout in a single cycle.The energy consumption per cycle for the two operations in an autoclave cycle uses 57,900 more BTU's per cycle compared to the FlashFire Dewax cycle. This represents a 24.8% increase over the single FlashFire cycle.