Flash Fire Dewax System
FlashFire Dewax can be traced back to the beginning of Investment Casting. But smoke was ever present and in the early 1960's the autoclave solved the problem and became the standard in shell dewax. As shell size increased however, interest in FlashFire Dewax also increased. Then in the early 1990's Rapid Prototyping emerged as a significant new technology and FlashFire became a necessary part of the process. In early 1994 Pacific Kiln introduced the FlashFire Dewax SYSTEM and quickly challenged dewax standards and filled the Rapid Prototyping need. Today this Patented SYSTEM is proving its worth all over the world in the most sophisticated applications.
Innovative Design

Based on a shuttle car design, the load end of the car is positioned outside the furnace chamber while the other end of the car keeps the hot idling load chamber sealed from outside air.


Shell molds are set in designated cup locations on the load bed. The operator then activates the process-controlled system, which opens the furnace door, pulls the load car into position, and closes the door. Because of the quick sequence, all shells are treated equally.


The 1400°F to 1600°F heat quickly penetrates the ceramic shell and melts the wax pattern from the outside in, eliminating the potential shell cracking from wax expansion. The wax drains through a tube in the floor into an extinguishing/cooling chamber and is allowed to collect in a holding tank.


Wax is normally removed within 10 minutes and complete burnout within 20 minutes. Shells may then be taken to a higher temperature for pouring or removed for inspection and reheat. Since there is no residual wax, reheat furnaces need not have an afterburner.


The downdraft burner system yields an even highly oxidized atmosphere and exhausts into a chimney section that incorporates an afterburner which thermally degrades any hydrocarbon smoke created in the process.

Why Choose a Flash Fire Dewax System?


  • Dewax and Burnout are combined into one process.
  • All shells are processed identically with perfect repeatability.
  • 80-90% of the wax is recovered without moisture.
  • Low maintenance needs.
  • Meets all environmental requirements.
  • Totally automated system means operator safety and accurate, repeatable product processing.
  • Can be designed to meet any production need, from single door single load bed, to double door double load bed, to continuous car types.


  • Energy costs are minimal since the furnace is holding at 1600°F and not cycling into high fire.
  • Can eliminate the burnout furnace and/or reheat furnace.
  • Eliminates the need for afterburners on reheat furnaces.
  • Eliminates the autoclave system.
  • The wax does not need to be sent out for reclaim processing.
  • Reheat furnaces don't need environmental permit because they are no longer burning out anything.
Rapid Prototyping
FlashFire is the system that solved pattern removal for the Rapid Prototyping industry. FlashFire burns away the pattern without expansion, eliminating problems with mold cracking while wax runners and sprues are drained and recovered. FlashFire works with all SLA, SLS, FDM, OR LOM Rapid Prototype patterns.