Standard FlashFire Dewax System

The "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System is an economical version of our patented FlashFire Dewax System introduced in 1994.  We've designed the "Standard" System with all of our FlashFire Dewax patented technology for safety and reliability (See prior page for benefits and advantages), but without the costly PLC automation of the car operation.  The "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System utilizes a manually indexed load bed and Pacific Kiln's time proven "Standard" furnace specification to create a safe, reliable system that is within the budget of the small to medium investment casting foundry. 

Each "Standard" FlashFire Dewax Furnace is custom engineered to the production requirements of the customer.  Call today for a questionnaire that will determine your needs.

Just look at the design features of the "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System:

  • "Standard" furnace design specification allow all day, every day operation at up to 1800ºF
  • Patented inert gas system extinguishes wax fire as wax drains from the system
  • Push button (or foot pedal) automatically operates the door sequence while the operator pushes in the load car.
  • Operator is shielded from the hot gases from the open furnace while loading.
  • Burner and Control System is 100% flame safe, push button start-up and operation
  • Afterburner to eliminate wax smoke emissions
  • Custom designed for each customers shell quantity and size
  • Simple assembly, installation and operation. (Instructions included)
  • Program Temperature Control
  • Temperature Recording
  • Insurance approved Safety Fuel Trains
  • PKI Oxygen Analyzer
  • Control Panel Cooler
  • High Limit Temperature Protection
  • Foot pedal door operator
  • Automatic Furnace Pressure Control Damper
  • Additional Capacity Afterburner
  • Exhaust Stack Components
S-FFDWS-424236-SB 36" 48" 36" 550,000 1 LB. (28”WC)
S-FFDWS-424836-SB 42" 48" 36" 550,000 1 LB. (28”WC)
S-FFDWS-484836-SB 48" 48" 36" 565,000 1 LB. (28”WC)

* Does not include afterburner gas usage. Call for specific data for your size furnace.
** The "Standard" FlashFire Dewax System is available only in a single door, single load bed configuration.
SB stands for single bed.
Call for price quotation. All prices are F.O.B. Moreno Valley, CA. Crating is not included.