Since 1978 Pacific Kiln has been manufacturing furnaces and ovens for the Investment Casting Foundry Industry. Our ability to adapt sound furnace design principles to meet the varied needs of our customers has led to a wide variety of challenging projects. Years of experience in the Investment Casting Industry has taught us that there is a wide variety of foundry needs and we must be flexible in our approach to furnace design.

Whether it is a custom size batch furnace, double door, pusher or continuous car system, Pacific Kiln can maximize your efficiency in burnout, preheat or FlashFire Dewax. Remember, Pacific Kiln is the only furnace manufacturer dedicated solely to investment casting so you know you’ll have our undivided attention.

If you have a specific process requirement, let Pacific Kiln share their years of experience to help design the piece of equipment that achieves that goal. And know that those years of experience will yield a State-of-the-Art furnace that will withstand the day-in day-out rigors of foundry production.

This FRONT DOUBLE DOOR design has been very popular because it is both space efficient and cost saving. Each door is independently operated and the load areas may be separately temperature controlled. All custom furnaces can be built to either “STANDARD” or “NEW GENERATION” specification, with or without Afterburner and of course with a complete choice of optional equipment.

The END-TO-END DOUBLE DOOR is also a very popular configuration depending on how your foundry is laid out. Again each door is independently operated and there can be two zones of temperature control.