“New Generation” Options

The “NEW GENERATION” System begins with a precision structural framework that will stand up to the heavy refractories and high temperatures. Structural angle, channel, as well as precision formed shapes are fabricated into heavy duty framework. The frame is then lined with 1/4″ plate inside with an outside cover of 14 ga. sheet. All seams are sealed with a high temperature silicone and the inside surface is coated with a high temperature galvanizing compound.

The floor is 7″ thick Insulating Fire Brick covered with THERMO-FLO Floor Tiles. There is a 12 1 / 2 ” high hard brick base to the walls which protects the wall from damage and acts as a heat sink for fast temperature recovery. The walls, ceiling and door are lined with a 2400°F “Super Module” ceramic fiber lining, 8″ thick. It is fastened to the steel plate with 1 / 4″ 304 S.S. anchors and yields a virtual joint free construction which eliminates shrinkage gaps and subsequent heat leaks.

The door jambs and arch are constructed of pre-cured 3000°F castable blocks, 9″ thick for a smooth door seal and years of durable service. The chimney base is a combination of dense firebrick, 3000°F castable refractory and insulating fire brick, coated to withstand high velocity and temperature.

This insulation system is designed for 2100°F continuous operation and intermittent operation up to 2200°F. Higher temperature ratings are available on a custom basis.

The door system is constructed of precision formed 1 / 4 ” steel angles and channel shapes fabricated into a rigid heavy duty framework. The door is lifted by dual #60 chains through heavy duty sprockets to a large bore air cylinder with cushion stops on both ends for smooth operation. The door rolls in the track on 1 3 / 4 ” cam followers and has adjustable cam sets in all four corners for precise setting. The door speed is fully adjustable and you have your choice of hand or foot operated valve.

The burner system is comprised of two PACIFIC KILN Medium Velocity Burners which are designed for high output, excess air operation. The burners produce an intense flame due to the specially designed burner block, and the increased velocity provides greater heat circulation and, ultimately, better temperature uniformity. The excess air capability of the burners assures a higher O 2 level (up to 10%), which is essential for complete, clean wax burnout especially in complex shells.

The burners are direct spark ignited and include a complete Flame Safety package as standard equipment. The combustion air is supplied by a common, high pressure blower and is evenly distributed by a specially designed air manifold. The air is controlled and modulated at the inlet to the manifold and can be further balanced by adjustment of the control valves at each burner.

The fuel to the burners is modulated along with the air by a motorized control valve. The air linkage can be disconnected and fixed if fuel modulation only is desired. A gas pressure regulator is standard on all New Generation Furnaces.

A Category II Afterburner is standard on all NEW GENERATION furnaces. The afterburner chamber and the burner have been engineered for each size furnace to provide increased capacity as well as maximum efficiency. The afterburner has its own combustion blower and is also equipped with flame safety. A thermocouple assembly is mounted in the stack for continuous afterburner chamber temperature monitoring.

The afterburner is independently controlled by its own microprocessor temperature controller. Afterburner documentation is provided to allow simple air quality permit application. The Category II afterburner will handle wax loads of up to 14.2 lbs. of wax per load. A Category III afterburner is available as an option and has a capacity of 28.4 lbs. of wax per load.

Temperature control is provided by a microprocessor-controller which can be used as either a program or set-point controller. It can be programmed for up to 6 ramps and 6 soaks in a single program. The controller produces a 4-20 MA signal which drives the motor to automatically adjust burner output to achieve set-point temperature. It features digital LED readout, thermocouple break protection and overtemperature protection. It is housed in the main control panel and tied into the flame safety system for the ultimate in control and safety.

Many safety features are standard equipment on the “NEW GENERATION” Wax Burnout Furnace. The burner systems are 100% Flame Safe and feature ultraviolet flame sensing, automatic spark ignition and air safety. There is a door limit switch which puts the main burners into low fire when the door is opened and a manual pin latch assures door safety when entering the furnace for maintenance.