Record keeping is the key to repeatable results in the investment casting foundry and dewax, burnout and preheat of the shells is a critical part of the process. The ability to keep accurate records of the time and temperature that your shells experience will allow you to accurately repeat that same cycle time after time.

Pacific Kiln offers a variety of time/temperature recording instruments that will give you accurate record of each firing cycle. The recorders shown below are our most popular models but there are others that may suit your purpose. Let us share our years of experience to provide just the right recorder for your process requirements. Give us a call to learn what recorder is best for you.

 Honeywell model DPR-100C/D
Digital 4″ strip chart

Honeywell EZ Trend
paperless recorder

 Honeywell DPR-250
10″ digital strip chart recorder
up to 64 inputs

Honeywell DR-4500
12″ circle chart recorder