CAT. NO. 53100

THERMO-FLO™ Floor Tiles are specially designed to give optimum air flow around and under your shells while maintaining a flat, uniform surface to stack on. Most shells are stacked on the flat surface of the furnace floor. Some even on their pouring cups. Wrong! Hot, oxygenated air will not circulate to the bottom side because the draft is blocked. Result: 1) Uneven heat-up of the shell, 2) Incomplete burnout inside the shell. THERMO-FLO™ Floor Tiles ribbed design eliminates these problems and in addition actually speeds the heat up cycle, which results in fuel savings and greatly improved heat distribution.

THERMO-FLO™ Floor Tiles are manufactured to exacting requirements. The mullite casting is slowly dried and then fired over a six day cycle to 2300°F, forming a tough cordierite crystal structure capable of high impact and thermal shock. The tile are 12″ x 24″ x 1 3 / 4 “H and may be cut with any refractory saw. Installation instructions included.

Orders less than three (3) units subject to special packaging and freight charges. Shipping weight approximately 30 lbs. per tile.

Custom cutting is available, please call for information.
Call for quantity prices, shipping weights and minimum order requirements.