The THERMO-FLO™ Pusher Tile is an offspring of the hugely successful Thermo-Flo™ Floor Tile, an exclusive development by Pacific Kiln in the early 1990’s. Today, the THERMO-FLO™ Pusher Tile is fast becoming the standard load plate in pusher furnace applications.

As a replacement for super alloy cast grates, the THERMO-FLO™ Pusher Tile is 1/3 the price, lasts up to three times longer and is available in custom shapes and sizes to accommodate your shell size, configuration and quantity.

The THERMO-FLO™ Pusher Tile is cast of a high temperature, abrasion resistant refractory and carefully cured and fired over several days to develop a tough, dense structure that will withstand hundreds of cycles at the highest temperatures. The standard tile has a continuous rib pattern for maximum heat and air flow, is a full 2″ thick and available in sizes up to 30″ X 30″. But, as the examples below show, any shape and size is possible.

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All prices are F.O.B. Moreno Valley, CA. Crating not included.