“Standard” Wax Burnout Packages

In 1979 Pacific Kiln introduced its first burnout furnace to the Investment Casting Industry and soon set a STANDARD that has not been matched. Even today it remains the best value on the market. Designed for continuous 1800°F (maximum 2000°F) operation its downdraft design yields excellent heat distribution (+ – 25°F), the power burner system is 100% Flame safe and spark ignited and the door is air operated by either hand or foot valve. The insulation system is the same as the “NEW GENERATION” specifications but is 6″ thick and, of course, the floor is covered with our exclusive THERMO-FLO™ Floor Tile. The “STANDARD” Wax Burnout Furnace is an excellent choice for nonferrous operation or any applications that do not exceed 2000°F.